40 unbelievable celebrity transformations for iconic roles


Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf in The Hours

Nicole Kidman Virginia Woolf The Hours

Definitely one of the more subtle celebrity transformations that we have posted in this article. However if Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf was to walk past me in the street I wouldn’t recognise her. Another great job by a makeup team with acute attention to detail.

Danny DeVito as Penguin in Batman Returns

Danny DeVito Penguin Batman Returns

Number 40 in our long list of celebrity transformations goes to none other than Mr Danny DeVito as Penguin in Batman Returns. A 1992 depiction of the DC Comics tale where one of Batman’s greatest nemesis takes the spotlight. DeVito’s grim portrayal of Penguin sees him bite off somebody’s nose in a gruesome fashion. Hang on mate, it’s you that needs your nose sorting out! DeVito, you’re the man!

And just when you think it’s all over, we’ve thrown in one more as a bonus transformation!


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