40 unbelievable celebrity transformations for iconic roles


Kae Alexander as Leaf in Game Of Thrones

Kae Alexander Leaf Game Of Thrones

The second in this article from Game of Thrones and another of the most astonishing celebrity transformations. Kae Alexander spent hours in the makeup chair to assume the role of Leaf. Part of the Children of the Forest, a non-human race who are solely responsible for creating the first ever White Walkers over several thousand years ago.

Dustin Hoffman as Dorothy Michaels in Tootsie

Dustin Hoffman Dorothy Michaels Tootsie

One of the greatest actors of our lifetime. Famous for his outstanding performances in Rain Man and Midnight Cowboy. Dustin is pictured here unrecognisably as Dorothy Michaels in Tootsie. A 1982 comedy drama about a perfectionist so self critical they nor their agent can find work for them.


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