Guest post opportunities

We are always on the lookout for up and coming writers, bloggers and journalists who would like a platform to showcase their work. Our guest post opportunities are always credited to the writer and offer backlink as standard.

Whether you’ve got a dark, mild or genius sense of humour or wish to write about current affairs, the Shocked Sockets team want to hear from you.

Why guest post?

Guest posting offers a variety of great benefits. You don’t have to be a full time writer or journalism student to benefit from guest posting. It is a fantastic way to get yourself and your business noticed online.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Include backlinks in your articles
  • Promote your writing to a new audience
  • Great practice to hone your content production
  • Get your brand out there
  • Share your views and ideas

Do we allow backlinks?

If we didn’t would you bother sending us anything? Jokes aside, the Shocked Sockets team understand the true power and benefits of backlinking. We allow you to include “dofollow” links in your articles providing you don’t go completely mad.

Haven’t heard of backlinks? They’re a great way to give your own website a little boost in the Google and other search engine rankings. When relevant and popular websites share genuine links to your website, Google gets a warm fuzzy feeling about your online presence.

Surely there is small print?

You got it! There’s always small print. We will however keep it brief and simple. In order to get your articles published with us we’ll need you to adhere to a couple of small but quite strict rules.

  1. All content you provide must be original. We run plagiarism checks on everything and cannot publish anything produced by lazy fingers.
  2. Every article must be a minimum of 600 words and cannot be shameless self promotion. All references back to yourself and your business must be subtle.
  3. When using quotes, whether from actual people, movies, books or work of others, be sure to state your source.
  4. We may edit your work prior to publishing. All edits will be returned to the writer prior to us publishing.
  5. Guest post opportunities with Shocked Sockets are not compensated. We seriously don’t make enough money for that.

I would personally like to thank in advance anybody who wishes to get involved with providing guest articles to Shocked Sockets. I look forward to hearing from you and personally reading through your work and getting it out there.

Thanks again!