40 unbelievable celebrity transformations for iconic roles


Tim Curry as The Lord Of Darkness | Legend (1985)

Tim Curry The Lord Of Darkness Legend

Or second Tim Curry transformation and what a change this is! Renowned for his sinister look but this celebrity transformation into the Lord of Darkness is just incredible! Each person within the movie required 3 hours in the makeup chair to have prosthetics applied while Mr Curry had to stay seated for over 5 hours. This was to encase his entire body in makeup for the role.

Daveigh Chase as Samara in The Ring

Daveigh Chase Samara The Ring

At only twelve years old, Daviegh Chase was transformed into the harrowing Samara. Despite pulling off the role to perfection, Chase was unfortunately too young to watch The Ring, yet still attended the premiere of the movie with Naomi Watts in 2002.


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