Gymshark thank good Samaritan by refunding all orders

gymshark alex refund riots cleanup

Gym-wear giant Gymshark, this morning spotted a “young man in The Bronx, New York” putting in the legwork to clean up after the riots. Pictured below wearing the kit, personal trainer Alex, was “out with his friends cleaning up the streets following the violence that had broken out the night before.”

Chief Brand Officer at Gymshark, Noel Mack, posted to LinkedIn this morning. Quoting “We did some digging and managed to find his account on so we refunded all his orders since 2018. That’s the kind of spirit we want in our community.”

Noel continued with “Big shout out to Joe Francis and team for making it happen. If you’re in a position in your company to support positive actions like Alex’s, I hope this serves as inspiration for you to do so.”

The riots themselves broke out in protest over the death of George Floyd of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Floyd’s murder was witnessed as number of police officers used unreasonable force whist restraining. Despite Floyds clear screams that he couldn’t breath, the officers continued to restrain him with force.

This incident combined with countless others have highlighted a clear difference between how officers in the US treat white suspects vs black suspects during the individual’s arrests. Resulting in not only country but also worldwide protests and in some unfortunate cases, rioting and looting.

Fortunately we have many involved like Instagram’s PT @alexwgoals (pictured above) to maintain the peace whilst issuing the bold statements we need to hear. Be sure to head over to his Instagram account and follow his work during this time.

If you have any more news like this about positive acts of kindness during the riots, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading, stay safe and stay strong!


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