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Men Unite: The Facebook group tackling depression in men

Until recently if a friend asked me where to go for advice when feeling down, I'd have tried to dig out what was wrong...

Poundland finger advert gets the attention it deserves

Bold discount store giant, Poundland, have taken a different approach to marketing. Throwing in a brave sexual innuendo to their latest marketing campaign for...

Norwich City supporter spotted amongst protest in Melbourne, Australia

One of the biggest hurdles in the war against climate change is for people to truly relate to it. Luckily for one person,...

Baby Shark Bong and all that is wrong with it [Video]

I wish this was a reference to the children’s song. Unfortunately it isn't and someone out there thought making a baby shark bong would...

Teenagers sniffing wheelie bins in ridiculous drug craze warns police

You think you've heard it all until you get wind of what is happening over her in the UK. But what a headline right?...

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