When will McDonald’s be reopening? A lockdown delivery update

when will mcdonald's be opening again?

Starting next week, 500 additional McDonald’s restaurants are scheduled to reopen and commence their delivery service. Along with this, McDonald’s breakfast service is also expected to restart shortly. McDonald’s Chief Executive Officer for UK and Ireland, Paul Pomroy, wrote a heartfelt email to customers.

Email from McDonald’s CEO

In his email, Paul expressed his gratitude to customer’s and thanked them for their patience
and support. He also acknowledged that McDonald’s employees had been extremely resolute during the last few weeks and thanked them for working hard in supporting the reopening of over 1,000 drive-thru or McDelivery focussed restaurants.

is mcdonald's delivering during lockdown?

Pomroy shared that all employees across the organisation were working continuously in the background to ensure that the restaurants could be open for longer and had more services to offer. Pomroy also confirmed that the McDelivery service would be reinstated in over 500 locations with the help of food-delivery platforms Uber and Just Eat with whom McDonald’s has had a long standing partnership.

A friendly reminder to McDonald’s customers

Readers were reminded that whenever they visit their neighbourhood McDonald’s restaurant, they must remember to clear their leftovers and trash so that both the restaurant as well as the larger community continues to be hygienic. In addition to this, he also mentioned that the staff would conduct periodic inspections around the restaurant property to ensure that there was no littering in the vicinity.

when will mcdonald's be open after lockdown?

McDonald’s kept up their promise of restarting 1,019 restaurants for takeaway services by 4 June. Earlier this week, the fast food company reopened quite a few of their outlets for McDelivery and drive-thru services to hit this target number.

McDonald’s also outlined the numerous measures they were going to employ to ensure the safety of their patrons. Amongst these measures were the following: the kitchen staff would be reduced in number to enable social distance in the kitchen so that everyone could work safely; the menu would be limited (breakfast and shakes would be excluded for the time being). The restaurants would operate only from 11am-10pm; customers would be encouraged to limit their spend to £25 and to pay via contactless payment platforms; drive thru users would be encouraged to use the My McDonald’s App so that they check the menu, place an order and make a payment in advance. The restaurant’s store locator feature is super helpful to identify the stores in your neighbourhood that will be open.

I wonder if this will include the McDonald’s for bees restaurant we wrote about last year?


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