Scorpion Exo-1400 Carbon Air Helmet Review

scorpion exo 1400 helmet review

A personal Scorpion Exo-1400 Carbon Air Helmet Review by Josh Hutch

Where to start? Motorcycle helmets can be a maze of thoughts, opinions and reviews. Many hours spent on YouTube and beyond trawling through. Just to find that perfect combination of safety mixed with your favourite colour scheme.

I’ve had many helmets through my years of riding off road and smaller bikes. When it came to my first big road bike I was after that special lid.

With a budget in mind and a smile on my face I ventured to my local dealership. Having previously purchased helmets online without an issue. But nothing beats heading down to your local store for a browse, fit and a chat about bikes.

Infinity Motorcycles, Norwich

Upon arriving at Infinity Motorcycles I was greeted by a wealth of knowledge from one of their crew. I’ll be honest I had 2 brands in mind, AGV and HJC. Both brands with fantastic reputations and either would be my first time purchase.

After I long conversation about brands, materials, comfort and budget I was introduced to a Scorpion EXO-1400 Carbon – Air.

scorpion exo-1400 carbon air helmet review

This helmet had a sparkle to it. With its carbon design stealth look and amazing quality it took all of 20 seconds of wearing to make a decision. For sub £300, what a helmet it is.

6 months down the road and I am as ever pleased with my purchase.

Scorpion EXO-1400 Visors

In the box you get 2 visors. Your standard clear and a tinted visor for those erm… track days. Both have built in pin lock for anti-fog inserts and work a treat in all conditions.

scorpion exo 1400 carbon air helmet review


The vents are as you want them. 3 adjustment points open, mid and closed and again these work beautifully. Ultra smooth motion and easy to find through gloves and on the road. A key feature with the Scorpion helmet is the minimised wind noise.

Despite great ventilation and it’s light weight, the EXO-1400 helmet is super quiet compared to others in this price bracket.

Flip down sun visor does it’s job and again ultra smooth motion and easy to find under glove.

scorpion exo 1400 carbon review

My favourite bits:

  • Super light weight at only 1259 grams. Very easy on the neck
  • Huge safety advantage of being carbon-fibre and impacts
  • Sleek stealth design super fresh looks
  • Design and material quality is top notch
  • With six months and 2400 miles of use, I’m still struggling to find any faults
  • Excellent overall helmet, superb price and Uber cool feel and looks.

My rating: 9/10 for this helmet. Minus one for the lack of Suzuki Blue option.

Scorpion EXO-1400 Carbon Air Specifications

Chin StrapDouble-D
Colour SchemeBlack
FormFull Face
Removable InteriorFully Removable
Sharp RatingNot Rated
Shell ConstructionCarbon Fibre
Shell Sizes3
VisorsPinlock Ready, Pinlock Included, Pinned Insert Ready
Warranty5 Year


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