Covid 19 Breakout Refresher by Motorvelo

motorvelo covid 19 breakout refresher

Lockdown is coming to an end. We can almost taste the freedom, the open road and the exhilaration. Don’t let rusty skills spoil it for you. Take a C19 Lockdown Breakout refresher ride with Motorvelo to make sure you are ready to make the most of 2021.

Statistically bikers are more likely to have an accident in the first month back on the road after a layoff. Skills that were honed the previously have become rusty and dull whilst enthusiasm is brimming over. Last year due to the pandemic was even worse. The periods during which we could actually ride were sporadic and limited so those skills set we take pride in were never as good as they may have been in previous years.

andrew harrison motorvelo rider training
Andrew Harrison of Motorvelo Rider Training in Shropshire

Don’t become a statistic

Take a fun, informative, and valuable ride with Motorvelo Rider Training to set you up for a great riding season ahead.

On offer are half or full days observed riding on some of the best roads in the UK with easy access from the Midlands. Each rider will get one to one observation, video of their rides with a live commentary, feed back during the ride with tips and improvement advice. Full day rides can be shared with one or two friends. 

post covid 19 motorcycle refresher

Shropshire Motorcycle Training

Based in Shropshire with great local roads and access to Wales for extended sessions Motorvelo will analyse you riding, provide feedback and help you understand and take on board new or improve existing skills to make your riding a better, move rewarding and relaxed experience.

This offer will be available for one month following the official lifting of restrictions. All you need to do is express an interest and pay a 25% deposit on the full price and Motorvelo will arrange with you the exact date of your Breakout ride as the restrictions are lifted and to fit in with your availability. 

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