Biker Haven – The first motorcycle only campsite in Scotland

biker haven motorcycle friendly campsite

As somebody who is incredibly active in Motorcycle Touring Groups on Facebook, I see a lot of bikers getting turned away from campsites. The worst part is when they’ve clearly been told there’s space but are told to leave because they arrive on fewer wheels.

One man and his wife decided to create a safe haven for bikers who wish to rest up for the night. Biker Haven Campsite is located on Shanter Farm, Maidens, South Ayrshire and is vows to never discriminate against bikers and motorcycle tourers alike.

A bit about Ian

“My name is Ian Nisbett. I live on a farm overlooking the fishing village of Maidens in South Ayrshire. We run a horse livery yard and I’m about to turn 50 this year. Having not had a motorbike for almost 20 years. On my birthday my wife and I decided it was time I got back on two wheels. I always had sports bikes but this time I’m looking for a tourer as I love hill walking and camping.”

“Motorcycles aren’t welcome” heard too often

While researching routes and planning weekends away, Ian noticed a recurring theme. That of bikers being made to feel unwelcome at some campsites. Not just from the owners but other campers and caravaners also. Having played on his mind, Ian toiled with the idea of setting up a biker friendly campsite. Thus Biker Haven Campsite is born.

“Then there was the logistics of making it work. We have put aside a small paddock area for pitches that has a good view over the fields & sea to the Isle of Arran and also close to our one toilet. We are at having no more than 6 to 8 bikes at a time due to only having one toilet but we hope if things go well and the demand is there we will add more pitches and toilets in the future but will always remain for bikers only.”

biker haven campsite scotland

Find Biker Haven Campsite online

Ian has put together a Facebook page for the Biker Haven Campsite. Here you can see all of their updates, news and visitor information. Be sure to click here to see their page and remember to hit the like button. Within a short space of time since announcing the new biker friendly campsite, they’ve had a fantastic response.

What’s on offer

  • Camping off the beaten track on Shanter Farm
  • Grass pitch with on site toilets and fresh drinking water
  • Priced at only £10 per bike per night
  • 10 minute walk into the nearest village
  • Shop, takeaway food, bistro, hotel & restaurant for food nearby
  • Beach is easily accessible for a stroll

Address and contact details

Biker Haven Campsite
Shanter Farm
South Ayrshire
KA26 9NQ

Tel: 01655 331636

We are on the route for the South West 300 and have many fantastic routes for a days riding.

biker friendly campsite in scotland
Ayrshire Coastal Path, Scotland – Image Courtesy of S Migaj via


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