Shark Spartan Carbon Motorcycle Helmet Review

shark spartan carbon motorcycle helmet review

Today we speak to Rhys from King of Kooks Media to chat about his latest bike related purchase. This time it is the Shark Spartan Carbon motorcycle helmet. It’s an absolute stunner and doesn’t break the bank at all. Let’s see what Rhys has to say in our latest reader written helmet review.

Moving away from big brands for the first time

In the past I have always leaned towards the big, well known brands when it comes to choosing a helmet. Arai, Shoei & AGV are some I’ve purchased in the past. To say I was somewhat anxious to try a different and slightly cheaper priced helmet was an understatement, but there is a first time for everything eh?

I decided to take the leap and order myself the Shark Spartan Carbon helmet. Bearing in mind I hadn’t tried one on and just went with my usual size. It was a leap of faith.

“The Shark Spartan Carbon is stunning”

Two days later the helmet arrived and it is beautiful. Its exterior is stunning and looks like a much pricier helmet. The carbon skin looks great and the subtle shark logo across from the chin really sets it off. I ordered mine with a black visor which completely transforms the helmet. It looks sleek, stealthy and the aggressive. The rear vents define the Shark Spartan Carbon helmet’s overall aerodynamic shape. I’m over the moon.

shark spartan carbon motorcycle helmet

Retractable tinted visor and room for intercom

The helmet itself comes with a retractable tinted visor with a slider on the top of the helmet. Not only is this well hidden but doesn’t get in the way of attaching an intercom. With some other brands the mechanism is located around the rim of the helmet. Often getting in the way of installing a Sena Bluetooth Intercom or similar.

Shark Spartan Carbon sizing and fitting

Having heard a few people say that when they have ordered sharks they found them a bit tight. Normally I’d go for a size up based in advice but stuck to my guns and ordered my usual size. The interior feels incredibly comfy and is nice and solid when fastened up. The helmet also has this really smart retractable chin guard to help with wind noise and colder weather riding.

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shark spartan carbon photo

Shark Spartan Carbon motorcycle helmet fastener

The helmet is fitted with the old faithful double D-ring fastening set up. While this seems old fashioned and long winded compared to some of my other helmets it doesn’t make enough difference for me to dislike it. It just feels more old school as I know now days lots of helmets have the seat belt type fitment.

Helmet weight and summary

The helmet itself is amazingly light given it’s only carbon skin and feels really great when riding. You almost forget it’s on your head. The visor is pin lock compatible and has been so far so good in terms of staying mist free when riding. In conclusion I highly rate this helmet and would recommend it 100%. I’m glad I went for something a little more out of the box instead of sticking with the usual suspects.

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For the Shocked Sockets team we want to say another big thanks to Rhys for providing this Reader Review. To see more of what Rhys is getting up to with King of Kooks, check out his work via the following links:

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