UDrone makes Mind Controlled Drones a possibility

Mind Control Drone by UDrone

It’s quite funny to watch the original 1984 Terminator and laugh at how wild their predictions of a high-tech robot takeover were for 2024. But new tech known as UDrone might be onto something…

Hong Kong’s Longham Technology have been developing the UDrone; a drone capable of being controlled by your mind. By using their headset that looks like a cross between a Bratz accessory and Star Wars, you can alter the drones movements by just thinking about it.

UDrone Technology

The headset is made of a variety of complex sensors that note the slightest movements of your head and face, allowing you to steer the drone with subtle head tilts, and land it by biting your teeth. 

The mind control element applies to photography as well. If you want your own #selfie from the UDrone, you can take a photo by blinking twice, or making a peace sign like so:

Mind Controlled Drone by UDrone
Mind controlled drone by UDrone

The Drone’s Camera

The palm-sized personal photographer utilises its compact camera to deliver 8MP photos and 1080p video. And if the 20m mind-controlled distance isn’t good enough, you can use your smartphone or mobile device to achieve 60m of height and distance, creating some stunning panoramic shots as well as allowing for instant transfer to your mobile device. The drone also comes with an auto-follow feature, automatically adjusting exposure and focus to suit the environment.

Let’s just hope one of these doesn’t shut down an airport anytime soon, eh?

UDrone on Kickstarter

For more information on the U-Drone and its magical capabilities, check out their Kickstarter page here.

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Article written by Marc Gallagher


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