The toughest meme quiz you’ll attempt today

meme quiz sad keanu image

Are friends and family always saying you spend way too much time online? Are you forever quoting vines, memes and other web based references? If this sounds like you, getting 10 out of 10 on our meme quiz should be no problem at all.

As with all things fun and exciting, we start off gentle and ease our way into the more difficult questions. Before you know it, you’re getting slapped around the face with multiple choice meme based trivia that not even the farthest depths of your distracted mind can help you with.

Anyway, less chit chat from us and more meme quiz shenanigans from you guys!

Begin the toughest meme quiz you’ll attempt today

If you get 10 out of 10, share this with the world. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever achieve greatness of this level again. If you did, treat yourself to a medal! Remember to share any content you like using the icon links below and don’t forget to follow Shocked Sockets on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

Oh, and before I forget, check out our ridiculously hard movie quiz! Keep up that losing streak! 🙂


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