Jacob Rees Mogg meme special

Jacob Rees Mogg Memes

Good afternoon and happy Sunday to you wonderful web weekend web dwellers. In the world of politics this week has been a comical one. We’ve seen the rise in a new breed of Jacob Rees Mogg meme. The works can be found all over social media featuring some, up until recently, unknown political relic.

God knows how he got into a position of power, but he sure does look comfy right? Who wouldn’t be with fingers in pies worth upwards of £150 million? Enough of this Postman Pat looking mother’s backstory, onto the memes you’ve all been dying to see in one place.

The line graph Jacob Rees Mogg meme

Here we see an accurate portrayal of Tory popularity over the years in the form of an infographic. Despite the amount of trash that’s waffled between politicians in this particular chamber, a picture paints a thousand words.

jacob rees mogg meme

Jacob Rees Greggs

Mr Reed Mogg himself caught out on the p**s in Manchester, England. Almost poetic!

Jacob Rees Mogg meme Photoshopped

Sexy Rees Mogg Meme

Disclaimer: Absolutely nothing about this meme or the people it represents is sexy. The meme was created for humour purposes only and should not be taken seriously.

Hilarious memes

Street performer Jacob Reed Mogg meme

This is fantastic! Definitely a favourite of mine! The creativity and thought behind it easily a ten out of ten. Execution isn’t far off either! Great work to the creator!

Paint me Jack!

Paint me like one of your spoiled, entitled and privileged Tory boys Jack!

Mögg by Ikea

Absolutely fantastic. This is easily a top ten contender for political meme of the year.

Jacob Rees Mogg stockings meme

A work of art! Credit due to the wizard behind this masterpiece.

Dirty Dancing Jacob Reed Mogg meme

Actual image captured by an on set paparazzi during the shooting of Dirty Dancing. Pictured here is Jacob Rees Mogg filling in as a dance double during dress rehearsals.

Jacob Rees Mogg Dirty Dancing

Japanese Jacob Rees Mogg meme

I honestly can’t explain what is going on in this one. It definitely looks like some king of old school Japanese cinema. If you can identify the original flick please drop us a comment!

black and white Jacob Rees Mogg

Mogg the New York construction worker

If it wasn’t for the fact that this multi-millionaire hadn’t worked a day in his life and sticks out like a sore thumb… I don’t know where I was going with this. He doesn’t belong there, not one bit!

New York construction worker memes

The Simpsons: Jacob Rees Mogg Special

If anybody has a motion animation version of this I need to see it! Drop it in the comments please!

The Simpsons Jason Rees Mogg

Tory In-Bread!

Very good! Big fan of this one!

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Shhh… Don’t wake the baby

It looks so peaceful doesn’t it? Be quiet, we don’t want to wake it.

Jacob Rees Mogg sleeping in parliament


A great play on the hit TV show “Friends” intro.

Jacob Rees Mogg took the strong pill

It sent him straight into the Matrix where he Morpheused into Neo.

jacob rees mogg in the matrix meme

What really happened

The man never really stepped foot in Parliament. This is what actually happened…

jacob rees mogg high jump meme

No caption necessary

For those who know…

Hilarious Jacob Rees Mogg picture

Jean Claude Van Mogg

“Now I stand here before you. What you see is a body crafted to perfection. A pair of legs engineered to defy the laws of physics.”

jean claude van damme meme

Only Moggs and Horses

A classic and memorable moment from television transformed into this gem of a Jacob Rees Mogg meme.

Only Fools and Horses Meme

Jacob Rees Brazzers

Definitely not safe for work this one so we had to blur out the other actor from this scene.

jacob rees mogg and boris johnson

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