Windshield headbutt doesn’t go according to plan


We don’t have a great deal of info about this video. Just that the main subject must have walked away with a pretty severe headache. Unfortunately for him the car windshield didn’t break but not for a lack of trying. We believe the person involved to be of Russian origin and the windshield headbutt to be his party trick.

Windshield Headbutt

Windshield Headbutt – Take Two

After trying with all his strength to smash the car window in take one, he then moves to a different vehicle with the same intentions. Unfortunately however the results remain the same despite using a good old fashioned windshield headbutt on car number two.

Shocked Sockets Windshield Headbutt

We advise our views to not try this at home or a scrap yard for that matter. However, if you do, be sure to send us the footage! Click here to send us similar content.


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