Sunday Meme-a-thon! This week’s top ten!

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Sunday Meme-a-thon II

The second in our instalments of Sunday Meme-a-thon. Giving you all under one roof the top memes for the week!

Free Wifi Great Beer Billboard

1. Sneaky advertising at it’s finest!

Whoever designed this is in need of a raise! Unfortunately however I wouldn’t be raising my glass to them if I turned up without paying closer attention to the sign. I wonder how many have fallen for this clever Free Wifi & Great Beer billboard?

Killers budgie cage mem

2. The Killers or a natural born killer?

“Coming outta my cage and I’ve been doing just fine…” is quite possible the best song line to accompany this image! Wouldn’t want to mess with this birdie!

When I see a picture asking to do something basic

3. When I see a picture asking if I would

Who shares this s**t? Like seriously? This is my face every time I see a meme asking if I would give up Facebook for a month for a ridiculous sum of money. Others included in the serious of twat identifiers are “Would you stay in this log cabin without Wifi or a phone for a month for £100,000,000?”. No Charlie, I fucking wouldn’t stay in a stunning location stress free for enough to set me up for life.

People can't use you if you're useless

4. People can’t use you if you’re useless.

We needed something in here to give our readers a reason for living. Think you’re useless? Told everyday that you’re useless? No worries, nobody can use you.

Owen Wilson Wow Nike

5. Owen Wilson – Nike “Wow”

If you haven’t seen countless memes of A lister celebrity saying “Wow” already, you probably have a better social life than me. This one however is very fitting with current affairs. All I can say about it is… “wow”… You read that in his voice didn’t you?

Keep off the grass meme

6. Keep off the grass!

Keep these coming! We need more crackers like this! What a response… “Fuck sake was gonna have a festival”. Easily my favourite entry in this week’s Sunday Meme-a-thon.

Internet Crusaders How they look

7. Internet crusaders, how they think they look vs how they actually look.

BNP, Britain First (education second clearly), UKIP… We’ve all got them on our friends list. Always moaning about Schrodinger’s Immigrant who simultaneously steals jobs whilst not even working.

Doctor, my back hurts when I wake up in the morning

8. Doctor, my back hurts when I wake up in the morning.

Cracking advice delivered by Dr Smart Arse!

Did you come here to die?

9. Did you come here to die? Nah mate, came ‘ere yesterdie.

Another one of those beer can/Jamaican bacon situations here.

Alan anagram meme Sunday Meme-a-thon

10. “Dad, why is my sister named Teresa”

Poor old Alan, let’s everybody #prayforalan.

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