Photorealistic Paintings of Space that you will think are real

Realistic Space Art Paintings

Cathrin Machin

Cathrin Machin, a Sydney based artist, has been reaching for the stars and confusing people along the way. Her lifelike paintings of space started going viral around 2016 and her online following has since exploded. Born in the West Midlands, England, Cathrin was encouraged to paint by her father. Throughout her childhood Cathrin Machin would spend her evenings watching science documentaries with her mother. This later lead to a growing fascination with all things science and space.

Cathrin Machin Paintings of Space
Cathrin Machin’s “Dream Big & Believe” painted in oils on Belgian linen. 

Cathrin’s Growing Talent

Having worked on commissions for friends and families Cathrin started to develop quite the list of clients. Throughout this time her passion for art began to grow. Moving through art college she then went on to study engineering at Loughborough University. Landing her dream job in the video game industry, Cathrin went from graphic design to 3D character designer then to lead a huge team in the industry.

Artist Cathrin Machin Space Paintings
Horsehead Nebula in Blue – Oil and phosphorescence on Belgian linen (36″x48″) 

A Huge Opportunity!

2016 granted Cathrin the opportunity to become a director in her own company alongside her partner. This change gifted Cathrin the time and flexibility to work on her paintings of space more often. With each painting selling within 24 hours of posting online, it became clear Cathrin was going to fulfil her childhood ambition.

Cathrin Machin Realistic Space Paintings
Spiral Galaxy Painting by Cathrin Machin

Paintings of Space & Dreams Coming True

Cathrin’s hard work and her paintings of space have caught the eye of some big players. Having work purchased by Professor Brian Cox and invited to the Tesla Headquarters in California. Cathrin has travelled the world with her own exhibition an astounding thousands all over the globe with her astronomical talent.

You can follow Cathrin and see all of her work via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her website.


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