Nexx X.WED 2 helmet review: Two years on

nexx x.wed2 motorcycle helmet review

I have had the Nexx X.WED 2 helmet for over two years now so I think I can give you some insights into living with this helmet.

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I’ve probably covered 30k in this helmet and if you say that the average speed for those miles is 40mph then the X.WED2 has been sitting on my head for about 750hrs or 31 days solid. Believe me that’s a lot. During that time, it’s provided me with protection in all conditions, hot and cold, wet, sometimes very wet, and dry. Temperatures have ranged from -8degC to 35degC. 

I also have a couple of other helmets I extensively use. One is a Caberg Tourmax and the other an LS2 Valiant, so I am able to make some comparisons.

First of all I should say this is my personal experience so is rather subjective so I will try to limit my review to more objective areas. As with any helmet review much of the discussion about comfort etc is down to how well that design of helmet fits your shape of head. Try any helmet on before you buy as even a five star gold review may end up getting you a helmet that is uncomfortable. So let’s get started.

Is the Nexx X.WED 2 comfortable?

I have found the Nexx X.WED 2 to be the most comfortable of the three helmets I have. Even after extended periods of wear. Three or four hours without taking this lid off and its still a comfortable place to have my head. There are no pinch points, the double D fastener and strap sits comfortably under my chin and doesn’t rub on my neck or feel in any way constricting whilst still feeling extremely secure.

The lining is soft and over the time I have had it is showing no discernible signs of wear. I had it through a couple of wash cycles to freshen it up and I have no complaints. Its also simple to remove for cleaning. I should also add that the cheek pieces add greatly to the comfort.

nexx helmet review motorvelo

Exerting just enough pressure on the cheeks to ensure the Nexx X.WED 2 sits securely but not so much you end up looking like a hamster. The are also removable by way of an emergency strap should you ever take a serious fall and the ER services have to remove your helmet. 

It’s not the lightest helmet but its by far the heaviest. I’ve worn it all day, I mean 14 hours plus and cant say my neck felt tired or sore. There is a more expensive Carbon version should weight be paramount in your purchasing decision making.

Nexx X.WED 2 visibility

When I first put the X.WED2 on after riding with other helmets the view out of the visor was like going from a 1970’s size TV to a widescreen TFT. The view can only be described as panoramic. The is no intrusion into my peripheral vision at all.

The optional Pinlock, which I fitted from day one has ensured that in all but the most extreme conditions there has been no fogging up. I should emphasise that any limited fogging was out of my field of view and quickly went away. The very top of the Pinlock does show some evidence of where it has rubbed against the visor seal as it goes up and down. Again this is outside of my field of view but it would be nice if it didn’t happen at all.

The drop-down sun visor is simple to use and has a positive action both down and up. When extended it sits low enough that it covers your entire field of vison, but you never feel it’s too close to your face. With the sun visor down in the winter, the time of year a low sun means you need it most, you can get some hazing over from your breath. Not bad and easy to deal with.uns down the inside of the visor. 

In the heaviest rain there is sometimes an odd drip of water that every helmet I have does this in different locations on the visor. The sign of an imperfect seal, I guess. Its not a waterfall but it is there and ideally, I would prefer if it wasn’t.


In my experience this is a quiet helmet. I will confess that on my Triumph Explorer the adjustable screen is a quiet calm place to be. So much so that most of the time I can ride with the visor up. My other bike, a Yamaha XT660Z, not so much. Even so the helmet is quiet. Wind noise is virtually non-existent on either bike so I I rarely have to resort to ear plugs.

On the Yamaha its much the same, even with a less protective screen the aerodynamics mean there is very little or apparent noise from the wind rushing past. Its only the exhaust note from the thumper engine that can over extended periods become a bit tiring. On these occasions I will supplement the quietness of the engine with a set of custom earplugs.

In the chin guard there is also a removable wind deflector. That helps with the neck roll to stop any noise coming in under the helmet.

nexx x.wed2 motorcycle helmet


Even though the X.Wed2 comes with a sun visor and even a visor extension I don’t find it catches the wind. Even when I must drop the screen on the Explorer to get some airflow to clear a wet visor. Yes the visor will catch the wind if you turn your head for an over the shoulder look but this is only noticeable at higher motorway speeds.

Usually, wind noise increases as you open up the ventilation slots. That’s not something I have noticed with the X.Wed2. 

Nexx X.WED 2 ventilation

The X.Wed2 comes with plenty of ventilation and a good look into the helmet shows that ventilation has plenty of channels to get to all parts of the head. The mesh in the liner helps with that too. On the hottest days and I mean 35deg C plus there was enough ventilation to keep me feeling cool around the head.

The standard chin vent opens to allow air through but if you are off road or in a seriously hot climate there is a mesh ventilation replacement for the chin guard, that allows a great deal more air through. You will notice that airflow in the cold weather though. I have never noticed any rain getting in through the ventilation either which is a good thing.

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Wear and Tear

I will admit I am rather OCD regarding caring for my motorcycle helmets. I value my head after all. When not in use I put it in a bag, I wipe the outside with a damp close to get rid of any road grime and treat the visors on all of my helmets to a wipe with Muc-Off visor cleaner. Overall, I am very please with the way the helmet looks. It has stood up well to the rigours of use.

There is some evidence of the very outer paint coat wearing around the bottom of the helmet, but the soft materials look as good as new and thanks to some washing smell fresh too. I have replaced a visor as it had just a few too many scratches just from the miles covered and being off road for some of them, which was a simple task. There are clips on either side that you have to twist to remove the visor.

Whilst walking around a local town carrying the helmet one of these snagged on my trousers and came out and got lost. A strip of Duct Tape held that side of the visor and peak on until I could source a replacement. It only cost £4 if I recall. A bit of a pain but the only complaint really

Nexx X.WED 2 Accessories

The helmet already comes with a raft of accessories such as Peak extension, Fittings for Go Pros, chin guard ventilation options already. Then you can also get fittings to clip google straps to the side. I personally don’t use goggles, preferring some PPE safety glasses, they only cost a fiver each and work really well. So I would say its very well provided with all the accessories you could need.

I use the camera attachments from time to time. There is one for the top of the helmet  and another that replaces one of the side panels and they do a great job and mean you don’t end up sticking a mount to the shell of the helmet and potentially damaging it with the solvents in the adhesive. 

X Com

I do quite a lot of Vlogging and like to listen to music on longer rides. Sometimes I like to chat with a riding buddy. The X.Wed2 is designed to work with the X.Com system. The helmet and this Bluetooth comms system have been designed to be an integral unit. There is a blanking panel on the side of the helmet that you remove, and the main comm control unit fits neatly and unobtrusively into it.

Inside there are accommodations for the battery, speakers, antenna and microphone. Fitting took 30min start to finish. 

The controls for this unit are amazingly simple to use. In use I am very happy. There is voice control to answer calls, the connection to my phone and all the apps for music,  navigation, and the occasional phone call! I also use mine to record audio for my Vlogs. I connect to the phone via Bluetooth and use a voice recording app. Suppression of  external noise is brilliant, sometimes its difficult to realise the audio comes from somebody riding a motorcycle. 

Connecting to other riders is at times simple at other times not so. Its hard to tell which unit, theirs or mine is having the issue. Once connected though range is good, maybe half a mile on the road and if you loose connection the units always automatically reconnect once they come back into range.


It’s a great stylish and affordable helmet with lots of well thought out features. The build quality was top notch and it has so far lasted very well. Would I buy another? Absolutely. I am tempted by the new X.Vilijord;

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Article Credit: Andrew Harrison of Motorvelo Advance Rider Training


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