Staged easing of lockdown and what it means for motorcyclists

lockdown relaxing and easing rules

It’s no longer news that lockdown in England is going to experience staged easing over the coming months. Fingers crossed this drawn out lockdown easing timeline goes ahead as planned.

In this article we will go through each stage of lockdown easing, when they will take place and what it means for bikers and motorcyclists alike.

lockdown motorcycle restrictions and rules

Stage 1: March 8th

Boris announced step one is to take place on the 8th March 2021. As of Monday next week, anybody can leave their homes for “recreation and exercise outdoors with your household, support bubble or with one person from another household”.

The Stay at Home Order is still active and those who intend to leave their homes should still do so only for exercise and essential travel. Be sure to minimise how often you leave your home and where possible stay local.

Although exercise and leaving your home is permitted, you cannot travel for exercise. You can walk or cycle (bicycle) to meet a friend or family member providing you remain socially distant. However you cannot ride your motorcycle to meet anybody outside of your household or to a spot for exercise.

Stage 2: March 29th

As of Monday 29th March, the Stay at Home Order will be relaxed. This is providing infection rates do not rise and decreases continue to show. With this stage of lockdown easing you will be able to able to spend time outside of your home with members of another household up to six people per group.

This means you can ride as a group with five others. Of course maintaining a level of social distancing which we all know is difficult not to when on a motorbike. There are also no restrictions on the distance you can travel, however it is advised that you stay local.

Unfortunately gyms will remain closed, however outdoor facilities for recreation, leisure and training can reopen. Many tracks across the country are likely to host motorcycle trackdays from this point. Other forms of motorcycle sports that you can take part in throughout stage 2 include racing, trials and enduro.

All form of motorcycle sports and leisure activities must remain compliant with government guidance relating to Covid-19. The no overnight rules still applies and unfortunately spectators still cannot attend motorcycling events.

staged easing of lockdown for motocycle sports

Stage 3: April 12th

First and foremost, from April 12th 2021 we will see non-essential retailers opening their doors for the first time since December 2020. Bike dealers, kit retailers and more will let you in to take a look around and make purchases. It is unlikely at this stage any stores will allow for test rides or trying on of clothing and accessories.

Hopefully during mid-April we will hear announcements from our government relating to international travel. However biking for leisure across the channel into Europe and beyond will remain prohibited until further notice.

On the bright side, the UK at this point is open to unlimited domestic travel by motorcycle. Meaning you can travel for camping and stays in self-contained accommodation. This is providing there are no shared facilities where households may be required to mix.

Also citizens across the country can wine and dine at any reopened restaurants. Keep in mind that the pre-lockdown 3.0 rules of ordering at your table will still apply. You must also remain seated whilst eating and drinking.

Stage 4: May 17th

The government anticipates a complete relaxation of the rule of six outdoors at this stage in lockdown easing. There will still be a maximum limit of 30 people per gathering at this point.

Indoors will remain more tightly ruled with a limit to six (or two households) integrating inside. The government is also hoping to allow larger outdoor events to take place with seating spread out to adhere to social distancing measures at this time.

Hopefully this opens up opportunities for spectators to attend their favourite UK based biking events and races.

lockdown easing motorcycle riding

Stage 5: June 21st

Providing all prior stages of lockdown easing go according to plan, all legal limits and restrictions are to be lifted by June 21st. I imagine there will be a huge increase in travelling at this time so stay safe when riding and mind out for pedestrians and other road users.

Unfortunately it is impossible to guarantee the stages above. What is written is only a guide and subject to change depending on circumstances. We advise you frequently check on the website for ongoing and accurate updates relating to the easing of Covid 19 lockdowns throughout the UK.

When can you take your practical and theory motorcycle tests?

The government has allowed for lessons and tuition to commence as of the 12th April 2021. In line with the existing roadmap theory and practical tests are also to restart from this date.

Due to the lack of contact during practical motorcycle examination and distanced nature involved, we have put together a petition. This is to encourage the government to prevent further lockdown restrictions from affecting practical motorcycle training, testing and examinations.

Click here to view and sign the petition.


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