Khabib suspended and faces $500,000 fine by NSAC

Khabib Suspended UFC 229
Khabib being restrained by officials at UFC 229

October 6th 2018 saw Khabib Nurmagomedov take the win against Conor McGregor. In the 4th round Khabib submitted the Irishman to snatch the title. However what happened next shocked the UFC and resulted in Khabib suspended.

Following the win tensions remained high in and out of the octagon. The world saw Khabib jump the cage and launch into the crowd after McGregors team. Khabib justified this saying the Irish team trash talked my religion, my country and my father.

Khabib Suspended UFC 229
Khabib being restrained by officials at UFC 229

Khabib Suspended for 9 months

Khabib suspended along with McGregor by the Nevada state athletic commission. Khabib nine months and $500,000 fine, while McGregor only six months and a measly $50,000 both to be subtracted from the pairs winning’s still being held by the comision.

Officials have given Khabib the opportunity to knock three months off his suspension if he is willing to help film and release a public service announcement. Delivering an anti bulling awareness video to the young impressionable UFC and MMA audience. 

Khabib requesting on Twitter to be woken up when all of this has blown over.

Khabib pictured sleeping in an image accompanying the above Twitter quote.

It’s not all bad news, we could see the pair back as early as this summer returning to the cage for more of what the pair do best. 

UFC News Khabib Suspended
Khabib captured flying through the air at UFC 229

Khabib has released a two word statement on twitter after the news but we are yet to hear from McGregor.

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