Triumph unveils stage 2 of the TE-1: Electric Motorcycle

triumph motorcycles electric bike

Earlier this year, British motorcycle giant Triumph, sent tingles down the spines of motor-heads across the world. Having announced their latest project: the Triumph TE-1 – Electric Motorcycle. But what is so special about this project, and what does it tell us about the future of the motorcycle industry?

Everyone knows that electronic motorbikes have never quite been able to reach the same level as their traditional petrol counterparts. From their raw power, sound of their engines and on the road range, electric bikes just can’t quite compare. Triumph’s TE-1 is set to challenge all of that.

triumph te-1 motorbike

Market leading electric motorcycle

The TE-1 is a collaboration with some of the most forward thinking engineering companies in the UK. With Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain Ltd, and even the University of Warwick joining forces.

The TE-1 is a two-year project which Triumph hopes will set a new precedent for what electric motorbikes should be able to offer riders. This includes making the electric motorcycle more economical with better performance and usability. As well as enhanced supply chains, availability and improving design. All while maintain an electric motorcycle’s primary purpose; to help protect the environment.

triumph te-1 electric motorcycle

Triumph motorcycles making waves

The project sets out to adapt both Triumph and the motorbike industry to a new era. One where governments, including the our own (UK) are passing new legislations on high emissions bikes. Thus encouraging the manufacturing and use of electric vehicles in an attempt to achieve a net zero on carbon emissions.

The future is undoubtably electric, so Triumph is hoping to get a head start on the rest of the competition. Setting themselves up for success once petrol-based motorbikes have been virtually evaporated off of the market. 

triumph te-1 electric motorcycle

The TE-1: Machine of the future

Unfortunately, only concept designs and sketches have been released to the general public so far. These include images of the drivetrain and the engine, both elements of the bike which Triumph say they are working the hardest towards improving. 

That’s everything we know so far about Triumph’s Project TE-1. Triumph Motorcycles is promising a lot with this project, and only time will tell whether or not the TE-1 will live up to expectations.


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