Sunday Meme-a-thon! Meme Stars Special!

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Sunday Meme-a-thon! Meme Stars Special!

It’s that time of the week again. We’re twiddling our thumbs trying not to think about going back to school or work tomorrow. While most of you will be tucking into the family’s finest Sunday Roast, I’m here putting together the fourth in our series of Sunday Meme-a-thons! This week you’re in for a treat, an educational one at that! Shocked Sockets brings to you a Meme Stars Special! Featuring some of the best and most popular meme stars the web has to offer! Whether they like it or not, they’re famous. In some cases even infamous! Now let’s reveal the stars! Enjoy!

1. Trying to hold in a fight meme guy!

Trying To Hold A Fart In Meme Guy

We just couldn’t contain ourselves and neither could this guy! After a friend or classmate posted this picture to Reddit it went viral in no time at all. With literally thousands of memes generated using his image and just as many Photoshop edits, it’s no wonder this guy has rose to internet stardom.

2. Success Kid Meme Star

Success Kid Meme Laney Griner Yes

Here we have Sammy Griner! An A-Lister among the meme world! Most famously know as the Success Kid but also renowned for hating sandcastles. First uploaded to the web in 2007 when Sammy was just 11 months old. Since 2008 it has gone super viral when users of the social networking site started to use Sammy’s picture as a positive, personal avatar.

3. Ridiculously Photogenic Running Guy

Ridiculously Photogenic Runner Guy Meme Star

Zeddie Little running in the 2012 Cooper River Bridge Run but more famously known as the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy! You can’t deny it, this guy was made for the camera! Just look at that smile! Since reaching unintentional internet stardom Mr Little has appeared on Good Morning America to discuss how he feels about the whole ordeal. You can watch the video by clicking here.

4. Niña “Osea, Que Pedo – I dunno girl

Nina Osea Que Pedo I dunno Meme Girl

Often used to express confusion or sarcasm, little Mía Talerico aka Niña “Osea, Que Pedo appears in almost two hundred thousand Google searches! After appearing in “Good Luck With Charlie” on the Disney Channel’s TV Show, Mia went global as one of the biggest meme stars we know and love today.

5. Overly Attached Girlfriend – Laina Morris

Laina Morris Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme Stars

The Overly Attached Girlfriend meme came about after Laina Morris uploaded to YouTube her own parody rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” single. Within 48 hours of upload her video has hit 1.35 million views and the following day the meme was born. After Redditor yeahhtoast submitted the image and accompanying text it received upwards of 800 comments in just 7 hours! This has to be record breaking right?

6. Dustin Mattson the “Hipster Barista”

Hipster Barista Dustin Mattson Meme Stars

First spotted online in the August of 2011 Mattson has become the brunt of countless online jokes and memes. Accompanied by captions such as: “Che Guevara changed my life…” – Manager at Starbucks. It’s easy to see why he doesn’t look to impressed in his more recent photo above! He does however see the funny side and when asked “how does it feel to have your staff photo stolen and turned into a meme?” he replied with “That’s the first and last scarf I ever owned!” 

7. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Internet Celebrity Meme Stars


8. First World Problems Crying Lady –  the “White Whine” meme

First World Problems Crying Girl Meme

Definitely one of my favourites! How can it not be when captioned “Tried to spread cold butter on my toast…. The bread ripped” & “wait all year for a PS4… Report card comes in!”? With over a thousand meme generator submissions by November 2011 I can only begin to imagine how many more have come out to play since.

9. Ermahgerd Girl – Maggie Goldenberger

Ermahgerd Meme Girl Maggie Goldenberger

One of many meme stars who need no introduction. The Ermahgerd girl formally known as Maggie Goldenberger still to this day finds there is no escaping this image online. One of only a handful of memes that has successfully transcended to other images to reach their own levels of internet stardom. In an interview that took place three years after the meme hit the airwaves Maggie stated “My eyes just get wide and I say, out loud, ‘This is so fucking weird.’ ” every time she sees herself as the subject of a viral image.

10. Drew Scanlon – The Shocked White Guy Blinking Meme

Drew Scanlon Reaction Shocked and Confused Meme Guy

Another to feature on Good Morning America [view here], Drew Scanlon became an internet hit after his blinking reaction to a comment made on the GiantBomb video “Unprofessional Fridays”. I remember reacting the same way when I first discovered it was socially acceptable and legal to garden with a “hoe”.

11. Doge!

Doge Shiba Inu Meme Origin

If you don’t know of doge I sure hope you know where the door is! One of the very few slang terms that takes up more letters and more time pronouncing than the original word. Doge, slang for dog originated from Homestar Runner‘s puppet show where a character mis-spelled the word dog as d-o-g-e as far back as 2005!

12. Zoe Roth – The Disaster Girl

Disaster Girl Zoe Roth Meme House On Fire

First aired online in January 2007 when her father, David Roth, posted the pic titled “Firestarter” to the website Zooomr. When meme’d up and captioned “just as I planned” the image went viral with over 95,000 views in 2008. Since it has blown up (no pun intended there) and still to this day bringing new and hilarious captions like “there was a spider… It’s gone now” & “she should have made me cookies!!”

13. Scumbag Steve aka Blake Boston

Scumbag Steve Meme Guy Black Boston

Blake revealed in an interview that the picture was originally taken by his mother. Little did he know that a world of jokes and puns was soon to follow! Some of our favourite captions for this infamous meme include “Grandpa get’s surgery… Steals pain meds” & “Pukes on something… Disappears!” Like many other images of notable meme stars, Scumbag Steve has received a number of brilliant spin-offs and parody memes that can be found all over the web.

14. Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian Meme Kid Now

To finish off with we have Bad Luck Brian. Without whom the list would be incomplete. Unfortunately for Bad Luck Brian, aka Kyle Craven, the majority of memes surrounding this chap relate to his inability to control his bowel in public or interact with females. Since reaching online stardom as one of the most famous meme stars to date, Kyle has acted in a McDonald’s commercial that can be seen by clicking here! Great work Kyle, you’ve turned things around beautifully!

Thanks for reading, viewing or just scrolling folks! Remember to check out the rest of our memes and other content! A big thanks from the Shocked Sockets team to all of our readers!


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