Sunday Meme-a-thon – Twitter Quotes & More

Twitter Quotes and Memes by Shocked Sockets

It’s that time of the week again ladies and gents! Nothing special this time round unfortunately. Just a handful of the best memes and twitter quotes shared across our social platforms over the past 7 days!

Show this to anyone who says Britain has no culture

An absolute belter to begin with. A mum, the double of Ozzy Osbourne, on an outing with her two young boys. You can tell she’s done a splendid job of raising them by their want to bend over backwards (or in this case, forward) for her. When the little tykes are sporting the latest in capitalist gadgets you would hope so right?

Don’t touch the playstation

We all love a blunt response. Especially ones as savage as this. Of course we’re glad to know with minimal (none) research that this is of course put together in jest. No daughters were harmed in the making of this meme. If for one minute you believed it to be real and expressed concern, I have some magic beans that you may wish to purchase.

When you rub your eyes a little too hard and start travelin into another dimension

We’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives. What a feeling eh? Like a DMT trip but without the pipe!

Drake loves free shipping!

Here’s another that all online shoppers have encountered. Who cares about the total cost? If you’re getting something ‘for free’ then ya gonna pick that one!

My finger when I use cheap toilet paper

We had a to slip a dirty one in there somewhere. I hope none of you lot are slipping a dirty one anywhere else. Twitter

Do you go to Glasgow University?

Brilliant! Scottish humour is the one! I just can’t get enough of it! Definitely one of the best twitter quotes I’ve ever seen.

Internet & Meme Celebrities

Just in case you missed last week’s Sunday Meme-a-thon, you can see most of it here on our Instagram post. From the overly obsessed girlfriend to blinking white guy! See what they look like now. SPOILER ALERT: A little bit older…

Bagel prepping life hack!

This genuinely works! If anybody can send us footage we’ll happily send you plasters! Disclaimer: We accept absolutely no responsibility for any injuries that result from using knives. But this life hack works a treat! 🙂

“Buzz him in!”

My absolute favourite for the week. This is brilliant! The twitter quote to beat all twitter quotes! Cracking response there Ren! 10/10

When you find someone who likes the same weird shit you do

Yep! That about sums it up! Or is this just that generations equivalent of a fidget spinner? Either way it looks as though this cute couple are having a blinder. Keep it up beautiful people!

Don’t take things so literally!

Yeah, we definitely don’t recommend doing this! Under no circumstances whatsoever should you be inappropriately touched by a corpse.

How broke are you???

Vuyo, that’s pretty broke! You should sign on or get a job or something! Either way, absolutely quality bants from another one of them viral twitter quotes. Keep them coming people!

I’ve eaten your homework.

Just look at that face! He knows that absolutely nobody will ever believe you! Has anybody’s dog ever genuinely ate their homework? Tell us your story if so!

There you have it! 11 quality memes and some other bits thrown in too! Tune in next week for more humour, quality banter and outright craziness!

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