The ultimate guide to student accommodation

student accommodation tips and advice

We are all lucky to get the chance to be a student in a classroom and to receive an education. As a student, you move from one stage to another. From high school to university, and from your parents’ home, to finding a home away from home. You will learn how to navigate through the world and make choices on your own. Finding student accommodation may sound like a whole assignment to undertake, but it should not necessarily be a daunting task, it should be an exciting one! With the right information at hand, you will be able to secure a good place to stay and study. This is the ultimate guide to getting student accommodation.

On-Campus or Off-Campus?

The main decision you will be faced within your first year of university will be whether you should stay on-campus or off-campus. Being on-campus will offer you the ultimate campus experience, especially if you would love to make good use of all facilities: the library and the sports parks or swimming pool. As a fresher, you will be able to settle into campus life with ease and make friends easily. Additionally, you’d also save on time and money because you will be within reach of your lecture halls. The other option is living off-campus and renting – students will do this after the first year anyway, however, some first years will either choose to or aren’t able to get accommodation on-campus due to several reasons. Staying off-campus may be an expensive option if you do not get a landlord who has student rates, leaving you responsible for costs such as the internet, electricity, water, and gas. However, you get to learn how to be independent and plan your finances. You will still be able to enjoy the campus experience whilst having the freedom of your own house.

student accommodation campus guide

Student Accommodation Options

A day in the life of a student is filled with many activities and at the end of the day, you need a good place to retreat to for some rest or study. There are some main factors to guide you on your search for student accommodation. These factors include cost, location, security and safety, space, and noise. Read on to get the detailed information on these factors:

Cost of student accommodation

The cost of accommodation is among the top factors to consider when looking for places to live because you do need to strike a balance between getting value for your money and being within your budget. Look for accommodation options that are going to give you the best comfort and convenience, for the cost that you shall incur. Be on the lookout for any hidden costs in your tenancy agreement. You may also have a student loan and would like to keep costs minimal. Staying on-campus would be the best option in the first year, if possible – as all the costs are included within the rent; this allows you time to focus of socialising and coming to terms with a new chapter. Alternatively, if you get accommodation off-campus that is within your budget, you can opt for it. Sharing accommodation is also a great way of saving on the rent and many students opt for.


The location of the place you will set base ought to be close to the university. It should also be strategically located, allowing you to have ease of access to transport networks and local amenities. If you opt to stay far from campus, you will have to factor in that you may encounter traffic to and from campus as well as spending more money.

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Security and safety

Your life is valuable and you may also be in possession of valuables, such as laptops. Therefore, it is important that you stay in a secure place so that you stay safe and enjoy peace of mind as you go about your daily activities. You need to be able to head to your place after a long day without any fear as well as trusting that your valuables will be safe in your room on days away. Check if the place you would like to stay in has security measures put up and the known rate of break-ins and crime. The building ought to also adhere to the safety standards. There should be enough exit points and fire extinguishers within reach, in case of an emergency. It may also be a good idea to question whether the rented property has landlord insurance as this will cover a number of things, such as accidental damage, companies such as Alan Boswell can help with landlord insurance.


Although there may be a large student population, space and comfort is one thing you should not compromise on. The design of the house or room should be practical and allow enough natural light in. The student residences ought to be spacious enough for you and your roommates if you opt for shared accommodation. Check if there is enough storage space, desk space, and enough washrooms. Conflicts usually arise in crowded spaces and thus, you will need your space, to move with ease, and live in peace. If you opt to stay alone, get a place that has enough space for you and your belongings, offering you comfort and convenience.

student accommodation tips and advice


Student life is busy and you may need some peace of quiet when you retreat to your room or house. If the house or student residence is in an area in which pubs, bars, and restaurants are within the vicinity; this may mean a vibrant nightlife and interrupted sleep for you. To be able to maintain your focus during the day, you need to stay in a decent and quiet place.

Make Your Move

As you move away from home, weigh your options then make your move. There are many more choices that you will have to make by yourself when you go to campus. Choosing your accommodation is among the first one and we hope that this ultimate guide to getting student accommodation comes in handy. Settle well at your new home and get started in creating the future you have always dreamt of.


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