Sex dolls so realistic they wont rush into anything

Realistic Sex Dolls

A new kind of ultra-realistic sex doll has just been released into North America, parts of Europe and Asia. Online feedback states on average it takes three dates to get a kiss and they get put off by unsolicited pics.

The European based manufacturer, Touch Me Not, explained “early models of sex dolls offered no challenge to the male customers.” The new realistic sex dolls require men to bend over backwards in order to get to the next steps in physical activity with the dolls.

Human Like Sex Dolls

Overall the new super realistic sex dolls are being received well. However online guides have started to pop up offering advice on how to fast track through to third and home base.

Some of the instructions include but aren’t limited to:

  • Be a great listener and make it laugh
  • Take dog filter selfies with it
  • Introduce it to your friends and family
  • Take it away on a weekend break
  • Don’t be too pushy

Of the few negative reviews owners have warned that not taking your time will put you in the friend zone with the doll. Unfortunately this is a permanent action that cannot be reset. One buyer complained that their realistic sex doll ghosted them and wouldn’t return their calls.

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