RST Motorcycles 2021 collection in review

rst motorcycles 2021 collection

The RST motorcycles clothing range is a strong contender when it comes to the best products on the market. This is due to its continued investment in racing, with a particular focus on British Superbikes. Resulting in a constant development of their racing products, which has been passed down to RST’s more popular road range.

RST famously works with some of the biggest names in British Superbikes. Collaborating with John Kirkham, Tommy Hill and Stuart Easton to create unique experience-based products that allow you to experience what it’s like to ride in true BSB style.

rst 2021 collection

Minus my Rev It Eclipse Air Mesh jacket for the warmer days, my motorcycling wardrobe consists almost entirely of RST gear. Having purchased my first set of leathers in 2007, I haven’t look back and will continue to support a brand that offered seriously levels of protection when I needed it the most.

What’s new with RST in 2021?

Wearable airbag technology

Safety is at the core with everything RST. Taking safety to the next level, RST have introduced their very own airbag range. The RST Motorcycles 2021 collection of enhanced rider protection is available for a number of riding styles. Working alongside In&motion to develop their new wearable airbag technology. RST have taken measures to improve rider safety to the best of their ability.

Race Dept V4.1 Airbag Leather One Piece Suit (£899)

Made to withstand the test and forces exerted within extreme racing environments. The V4.1 Airbag one piece leather suit is designed with nothing but absolute protection in mind. Combining high quality Kangaroo leather and Grade A Cowhide. The In&motion technology supporting one piece rivals the more expensive competition without breaking the bank.

rst race dept v4.1 airbag one piece leathers

The V4.1 comes complete with Aramid protection reinforcement and of course a full suit of level 2 CE certified armour. As well as looking fantastic, it surpassed the highest AAA CE rating.

F-Lite Airbag CE Textile Jacket (£329.99)

With this model RST have taken the biker away from the track and onto the road. But the safety remains the same. Again utilising the airbag system developed by In&motion. This time applied to one of their lightest jackets to ensure maximum safety when commuting on warmer days.

rst f-lite airbag ce mens textile jacket

The lightweight yet durable construction is developed with K540 mesh supported by HTC fabric. Thus increasing airflow without negatively impacting abrasion resistance. This jacket is a must-have for the adventurer in you. The shower resistant and windproof liner keeps you warm and comfortable even in light rain. While the sleeve and waist adjusters offer freedom of movement. Amara material covers the collar and cuffs to keep you feeling good.

RST Pro Series Adventure-X Airbag Range (from £299)

Tackle any environment the road leads you to with a Pro Series Adventure-X jacket from the RST Motorcycles 2021 collection. Whether tackling the NC500 in the heights of Scotland or taking the long way down across the deserts of Egypt and beyond.

rst pro series adventure-x textile jacket

The Pro Series Adventure-X Airbag is peak touring gear combined with In&motion wearable airbag tech. The removable liner in the Adventure-X covers you for waterproof protection and a built in thermal layer. As with all RST adventure liners, they’re easy to remove and apply again once ready to do so. Not only that, the liner is designed to fit in the rear pocket when no longer in use.

rst pro series adventure-x textile range


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