Poundland finger advert gets the attention it deserves

Poundland finger advert on twitter

Bold discount store giant, Poundland, have taken a different approach to marketing. Throwing in a brave sexual innuendo to their latest marketing campaign for Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers. Quoting “For a friend who loves a good finger!”

The caption accompanies by a picture of a model, clearly enjoying herself fronted by a box of the famous chocolate covered biscuit snack. The store’s advertising and marketing team are likely to receive a hefty Christmas bonus this year or their P45s. The Shocked Sockets team give the campaign a double thumbs up!

Poundland Cadbury Chocolate Fingers Christmas Advert

Whilst Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and other retail giants go for the more family friendly approach to their Christmas advertising campaigns, it seems as though no flukes are given in the world of nationwide pound stores.

The public respond to Poundland tweet

The majority of replies to the Poundland Twitter post are in full support and see the humour behind it. Other don’t believe the store can get away with such advertising tactics:


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