Photographer captures fun in the sun at motocross practice

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Scrolling through Instagram aimlessly definitely has its perks. Especially when you stumble across the gems we’re about to show you. Introducing photographer Paul Paviot who is making the most of blue skies and a motocross practice session in France.

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Photos by Paul Paviot: Instagram @paulpaviot_photographie

Tell us about yourself, who you are and where you’re from

My name is Paul Paviot, I’m a young French photographer (I’m 16 years old) and I have liked photography as far back as I can remember.

These photos are incredible, is this what you do for a living?

At the moment it is just a hobby. I just take pictures for fun, as it’s something that I love to do.

When did you first pick up the camera?

It’s been 2 years now since I really started to show a keen interest in photography.

Could you share some info on what equipment you use?

I currently a Canon 250d with a tamron 70-300mm 4-5.6 and a sigma 30mm 1.4

Are you a fan of biking or just happened to capture some incredible shots?

I am interested in bikes but more-so taking photos of them at present.

Tell me about the day you captured. Was this an event or just for fun?

These photos were taken at a weekend fun motocross session about a week ago. This is at a local bike park where people come to train or ride for fun. I was encouraged to visit thanks to my little cousin Guillaume (11 Years ) who is learning to ride with the ex french champion Richard Fura.

young motocross rider

Were the photos rehearsed or entirely in the moment?

No posing, no rehearsing. All of the pictures were realised entirely in the moment.

Do you know the riders personally? Please tell us more about them

I don’t know the riders personally, but I went to ask them if they were ok about being photographed and they were fine with it. It would be great to capture more next time I visit.

Have you photographed any other motorcycling events or activities?

No it was my first motorcycling event and I really enjoyed it. The people were really nice.

Do you plan on photographing any motorsport events this year?

I don’t know for now with Covid going on, but if I can I would really like to take some more pictures of motorcycling.

Would you get in touch with Shocked Sockets again if you capture more? 

Yeah definitely, if I manage to capture some other other pictures I will definitely send them to you guys ! I would also like to thank Shocked Sockets for the opportunity and the platform you guys have been giving me, because it’s really not easy to be a young photographer. I would say to everybody to pursue their dreams and do what they enjoy.

mx motocross practice session photos
Photos by Paul Paviot: Instagram @paulpaviot_photographie

Photos by Paul Paviot: Instagram @paulpaviot_photographie


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