“There’s something in your hair” supermarket old lady prank


“There’s something in your hair!” supermarket old lady prank.

This is an absolute gem! An unsuspecting lovely lady just minding her own business in a shop. Approached by what appears to be a caring and charming gentlemen who wishes to help remove something in her hair. Little did she know that she was the focus of a supermarket based old lady prank that is soon to go viral!

Old Lady Prank in Supermarket Shop

Shock Horror!

As you can see from the video she was either completely unimpressed or shocked as to how this could possibly happen. This is definitely the old lady prank of the year! Nobody hurt, nobody upset. Just some lovely lady a little confused as to how a live child could have been nesting in her barnet!

Please note than no children, old ladies or pranksters were harmed in the making of this video. You can all sleep well knowing that all involved are alive and well! However a prank like this is certainly enough to leave somebody seriously questioning their sanity. With some commenters on the original YouTube post saying “I love the first one. Her face was like ‘Damn I’m getting old.’ ” And another saying “first old lady was wondering whether she had skipped her medication lol!”

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