MT Streetfighter SV motorcycle helmet review

mt streetfighter sv motorcycle helmet

The MT Streetfighter SV motorcycle helmet is a stunning example of entry-level equipment. Not only does it offer protection of some mid-range gear, it also looks like a premium bit of kit. The Mt Helmets Streetfighter SV helmet will not disappoint, and here’s why.

mt streetfighter sv review

MT StreetFighter SV helmet construction

The entire exterior/outer shell of the helmet is formed from a high impact resistant polymer, making the helmet extremely tough and durable which maintain a light weight at 1.2 – 1.3kg.

On the inside of the helmet lie layers of thick polystyrene and various other fabrics, creating a soft, cushioned interior that is breathable and comfortable. The helmet also has a micro-metric metal closing system, as well as a shatterproof tinted visor which can be detached and disassembled at will. 

mt streetfighter sv helmet review

Breathability is key!

We briefly mentioned earlier about the breathability of the material, but it’s worth going into more detail on this aspect of the Streetfighter SV, as the helmet has had a lot of attention go into a well-designed air flow system.

This includes: the inclusion of high-tech air permeable fabrics, an air-extraction system in the hull of the helmet which prevents overheating, and overall convertible design.

mt streetfighter sv helmet

Additional MT Streetfighter SV features

Another great feature of the interior of the Streetfighter SV are its fire-retardant fibres which guarantee rider safety. On top of this, the helmets’ pads are easily removable for cleaning with warm water and run-of-the-mill soap. These pads are also antiallergic and antibacterial. 

One of the best things about the MT Streetfighter SV helmet is that you get all of this for below £100! It’s clear to see why the Mt Helmets Streetfighter SV is one of the best entry-level lids on the market.


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