Sling Motorcycle helmet carrier review

shoulder strap for motorcycle helmet sling

With no real ability to travel in the last 18 months and motorbike trips mostly limited to local ‘rides to the shop’, a startup from Hampshire called Wentworth Goods has spent the time developing its first product line – premium wet-wax cotton helmet carry straps they’re simply calling ‘Sling’

What is Sling?

Mostly targeted at riders sick of not knowing where to put their helmet after a ride, Sling was born in between UK lockdown’s in 2020.

While on a long weekend tour of Cornwall in the autumn, the need to remove helmets and gloves to sanitise hands before entering pubs and shops mean’t there was nowhere to safely put a helmet without risking it crashing to the floor. This is where Sling started.

It can be fitted around the chin bar on full-face helmets, or chin strap on open face helmets, meaning every helmet style is compatible. 

motorcycle helmet shoulder strap sling


Made from premium wet-wax cotton just like jackets from Belstaff and Barbour, Sling is available in 4 colours to suit any style! The strap is weighted at 8oz for robustness, stiffness and longevity. It’s fully adjustable in length to suit everyone, and can be folded or rolled up to be placed inside a pocket, or an optional microfibre carry pouch. 

There is a 16oz padded, sliding shoulder strap for comfort, as well as a padded fixed-tongue near the buckle to protect your helmet and ensure movement is kept to a minimum while you walk or ride.

Both pads are backed in corduroy – another touch seen on premium garments from Belstaff, Barbour and others, this really nods to the heritage and style Wentworth are so inspired by. 

wentworth goods co sling

The Buckle

Key to Sling’s success is a robust but lightweight quick release buckle. Requiring a pinch-motion from both sides to prevent it accidentally opening, it can be operated even with the thickest winter gloves on.

The buckle is shock-rated to 25kg. This means it will never open from any running or normal riding activity, but should come off in the event of what Wentworth are calling a ‘sudden and unexpected disembarkation from your motorcycle’ – sounds like a crash to us.

It is also likely to pop open if caught on something as you ride by, rather than pulling you off the bike. However they advise caution when riding with a helmet attached just to be on the safe side.

motorbike helmet shoulder strap


Sling is ideal for off-bike activities if you don’t have panniers/top box or simply don’t want to use them, but its equally useful for carrying a passengers helmet either after dropping them off, or on your way to collect them.

Having Sling as an option in your pocket means that many riders can leave the bulky backpacks at home, and never have to worry that the helmet they left locked to their bike has been damaged, defaced or worse – deposited on by a shitehawk.

wentworth goods motorcycle sling
free kickstarter promotion and marketing

Launched on Kickstarter less than 48hrs ago, the campaign was fully funded within 10hrs and EarlyBird discounted units are selling fast. Head to the campaign for full details and order yours today! 

Click here to view the Sling Kickstarter page


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