Make money online during the shutdown

make money online

It’s no longer news that many across the UK, Europe and other parts of the world have lost their income due to the coronavirus. It’s no longer news that for many of us we are supported through Furlough and other government schemes. Unfortunately thousands of employees, self-employed and hardworking citizens are unable to access such support. Thus many turn to the web to seek legitimate ways to make money online during this difficult time.

Now we’ve covered the negatives, let’s take a look at some of our favourite ways to generate an income from the comfort of your own home. We throw in a cocktail of investments of time and money to suit those in a variety of financial situations. Whoever you are, wherever you live, you have something to offer the world without leaving your house. Here is how.

Giving lessons and online tutoring

In my line of work I do this on a weekly basis. I build websites then educate my clients on how to use them. So simple it’s become second nature to me. After a quick search online I stumbled across Superprof. Easily one of the most straight forward platforms for making money online.

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Join a community of over 11 million online tutors and share what you have to offer. You don’t have to be a qualified teach. You need a computer with access to the internet and a half decent call manner. Once registered you can publish lesson that you’re happy to deliver.

Some of the most sought after subjects include instrument tutoring, maths, design, languages and even singing. The platform breaks everything down into locations giving you the option to teach others in your area. There’s beauty in how much we all have to offer when given direction.

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Affiliate marketing

My favourite legitimate way to make money online. With millions of products to offer the world why not sell something you’re passionate about? From fishing tackle to video games, the world of affiliate marketing is your oyster.

Shocked Sockets utilises a number of platforms to promote the things we love. The Amazon Affiliate Program is by far the largest and most popular. Commissions range anywhere from 2% to 10% of every sale made by sharing your link. With options to advertise on your own blog and website or as an influencer via social media.

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Crowdfunding giant Kickstarter also allows for the general public to promote their campaigns in exchange for commissions. Register on Kickbooster today and see what new gadgets and inventions you can promote in your spare time.

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A large percent of online business have an associates or affiliate program that you can get involved with. Make use of your social network and online presence to generate a legitimate income online. Don’t forget that affiliate marketing isn’t just available through big companies like Amazon. If anybody in your network has their own business, talk to them about referral options.

Write articles and content for websites

Fed up with writing cover letters and tailoring your CV? Take a break from writing about yourself and dip into new territories. Content is the driving force behind most online business. Many are always on the lookout for people to produce their content for them.

If you can structure an email, letter or CV you can write a blog. With free tools like Grammarly to lend a hand, everyone can do it. Make use of platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer and UpWork. Here you will find new clients every day on the search for writers of all experience levels.

Beginners can earn anything from £5 per article. More experienced writers are charging more than £150 per heavily detailed and researched article. Not to mention those who need a helping hand with their CV. You can get stuck in an make a bit of pocket money doing this too.

Make money online with stocks and cryptocurrencies

Back in 2010 Bitcoin was such a dirty word. Used by the black market to make illegal purchases. Now it’s generating more self-made millionaires and full time investors than any single stock in history. With success stories like Kristoffer Koch, what’s not to get excited about? Come on! This guy invested less than $30, forgot about it and cashed in at over $800,000 a few years later.

Ok, ok, ok! This is a rare case. However people everyday are paying their bills, and generating not only additional, but excess income by trading online. I’ve personally used Etoro. I have also been able to pay my bills with the profits made during some good runs. Before risking any of your own money, create a virtual account and learn before you invest.

Almost every trading platform online offers copy trading. This is where you put the risk into the hands of those more experienced. Remember: Only ever trade money which you can afford to lose and don’t expect quick wins. The more you learn, the more you earn. Trading online should be fun and exciting. Be sure to listen to podcasts and read up on how to minimise the risk before you get started.

make money online with cryptocurrencies and trading



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