KTM 1290 Super Duke photo shoot in empty multi-storey car park

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A few weeks back the Shocked Sockets team were handed a KTM 1290 Super Duke to enjoy and take photos of. The machine itself boasted a whopping 170+ BHP and didn’t hesitate to lift the front wheel at higher speeds.

Not only that, we managed to wiggle our way into using a completely empty multi-storey car park to capture the images you’re about to see.

All photos are courtesy of Josh Hutcheon who has helped with Shocked Sockets shenanigans for almost three years. Let’s see what Josh had to say about the shoot and his work.

We love the KTM 1290 Super Duke pics you did for us last month, when did you get into photography? 

Glad you like the finished results. It was a great shoot with an exceptional motorcycle. I got my first camera around 7 years ago and never looked back since. I love everything aspect about photography. We live in a digital world and memories become alive with photos.

ktm 1290 super duke instagram photos

We’ve noticed that you don’t just take bike pics, what’s your favourite thing to photograph? 

I’ll be honest I enjoy taking photos of all subjects. If I had to choose one though I would probably say animals as I’ve grown up with so many of them. 

ktm super duke 1290 dash speedo

When was the first time you took proper photos of a bike and what model was it? 

It wasn’t actually that long ago. I was on a street photography mission with a good friend and we walked past the Harley Davidson showroom and I snapped a shot through the window. That’s when I realised I wanted to include motorbikes in my photography. 

ktm super duke 1290 akropovic exhaust

What motorbike would you choose if you could photograph any and why? 

Now that’s a question. I grew up on motorbikes so always had a passion for two wheels. I would say a bike with plenty of detail on show. I am a fan of naked and adventure bikes. I wouldn’t mind shooting a Honda Africa twin. 

Do you own a motorcycle yourself?

Yes I currently ride an SV650. It’s convenient and comfy for city riding but opens up when needed on the longer adventures. 

ktm super duke 1290 wing fairing

If you could own any bike, would it be the same as the one you’d like to photograph?

If money was no object I think I would have to go adventure style. Not because I travel a lot but again because of convenience and lugging all my camera equipment around.

akropovic exhaust for ktm super duke 1290 r

Tell us about the camera setup you’re currently using? 

I am currently using a Sony A7ii simply because it does everything I need it to. Lens wise I mainly use my 50mm 1.8 Incredible low light capabilities and gorgeous bokeh. I think every photographer will tell you a camera bag isn’t a camera bag without a 50mm. 

ktm 1290 super duke key

What advice would you give to others looking to capture photos this awesome?

Not sure about awesome but cheers appreciate it. My advice is do it. Don’t think about it too much just go for it take a photo process it and see what it looks like. The rest comes with experience.

I’m fairly new in the game. I’m learning with every shot I look at and think about how I could do it differently. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from other photographers’ work.

ktm 1290 superduke photoshoot

Have you photographed any motorcycle events or races?

Not done any events yet. I wouldn’t mind giving it a go but I’m not sure which event I would choose maybe a classic bike show. Paying attention to all the details on show. Nothing says detail like the classics.  

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Where would you travel to for photography and why?

I’m quite an addictive person. Especially when I get an idea in my head if it was for a project that my mind was set on there is no limit. 

If I had to choose one location for photography it would have to be Staten Island boat graveyard in Rossville, New York.

ktm super duke 1290 photos

A big thanks!

A huge thanks to Josh Hutcheon for taking the time to answer these questions and of course provide these incredible photos.

Another thank you goes out to Acle Car Centre of Norfolk who were kind enough to provide the bike for the evening. We look forward to working with you both in future.


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