HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet Review

hjc f70 motorcycle helmet review

HJC have built a reputation on manufacturing some of the best sports touring motorcycle helmets available to buy. If you’re considering grabbing a HJC F70 for the summer, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s why:

Construction & build

The entire exterior/outer shell of the helmet is formed from a highly resistant fibreglass shell. This makes the helmet much lighter than those made from polycarbonate shells. The helmet weighs in at roughly 1.55kg. Which is as light as you can get without compromising on durability. The helmet appears to be inspired by the design of fighter pilot helmets. From its sleek polygonal form to its mix of matted and glossy colours and simple graphics. 

Shell & strap

With the HJC F70’s safety they’ve stuck to the basics, but performed these beautifully. The fastening is with a double-d ring strap to keep the helmet securely in place. Ensuring minimal wobble at high speeds. As mentioned above the shell on the F70 is constructed of an ultra lightweight fibreglass toughened for extra safety. 

hjc f70 helmet review

HJC F70 ventilation

In terms of ventilation, the F70 seems to take the route that most motorcycle helmets go for; ACS, or an Advanced Channelling System. Meaning air is taken in through the front of helmet shell and directed towards the head using venting channels. The channels are moulded into the expanded polystyrene shock absorbing liner also.

Air is transported through to more vents located in the rear of the helmet shell. The previously mentioned inner lining is also antibacterial, and fully removable and washable, making sure no nasty smells accumulate inside.

HJC F70 visor

Finally, we must talk about the visor. HJC have decided to go for a more old-fashioned system when it comes to the visor. The HJC F70 visor screws in either side. Removing the quick-release style visor which is commonplace for helmets these days. 

Although this may make it slightly more awkward to switch out, it only makes the visor more secure. The visor itself is slightly wider than most others, with this particular visor being pin-lock ready, again adding to the security of the visor within the helmet itself. The visor also comes with 99% UV protection, making it perfect for those bright summer days. 

hjc f70 motorcycle helmet

Additional features

As for any additional features the F70 has a pretty awesome ace up its sleeve. The helmet comes with options to integrate Bluetooth speakers. For both phone calls or vibe to music while riding. The lid seamlessly hosts HJC’s own “Smart Intercom system”. 

Is the HJC F70 worth its £220 (standard) price tag, and does it live up to the standard of other HJC helmets? Yes, and yes. So much so I treated myself to one.


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