10 of the funniest Amazon product reviews


A Whole New World (CD)-Peter Andre & Katie Price


You probably forgot this happened, and for good reason, because it’s shit. The studio magic available in 2006 did a fine job of cleaning up Jordan’s complete lack of pitch, but a live performance for Children In Need exposed the model as being completely tone deaf. Thus, this CD invites you to take a magic carpet, and fashion a magic rope instead, as this customer elaborates. 

“If you can imagine a soothing blend of jojoba oils, vanilla, and WD40 being poured into both ear holes simultaneously, then you will have only been able to scratch the surface of the feast of pleasure that is Katie And Pete’s “A Whole New World” Album. I also found the case very useful for replacing a tile that had been missing in my bathroom for the past two and a half years.”


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