Free Kickstarter promotion and marketing services

free kickstarter promotion and marketing

You’ve come up with an invention that will change the world. Flew through the prototype stage and now looking for investors. What do you do? You follow in the footsteps of thousands more before you. You turn to Kickstarter. Your campaign is about to commence but you haven’t invested time or money into generating hype. This is where Shocked Sockets and our Free Kickstarter promotion services come in.

Just like you, we’re growing. In order to help us grow we want to pack our website out with interesting content. This is where you come in! We invite you to share an advertorial about your campaign on our website. Everything published to our website goes out to our social media channels, email database and more.

Without spending a pent (or cent for those over the pond), your latest and greatest idea can be presented to almost 20,000 people across the globe. As Shocked Sockets grows, so does the number of people we’ll promote your Kickstarter project to!

Will your campaign qualify for our free Kickstarter promotion services?

The Shocked Sockets team are open to anything, you’ve seen our content right? We are happy to publish advertorials for any type of Kickstarter campaign. However, the cooler your product or idea, the more control you have over what you can post.

Take a look at these two campaigns we’ve promoted by clicking here (4Pong) and here (uDrone). Two excellent examples of campaigns we have promoted to our audience with great results and return on investment of time.

The two examples above are cool enough to write about, but lets be honest. Not all Kickstarter ideas get the juices flowing, but still deserve the same level of promotion.

What do we need from you?

A “hello” is always a good place to start, but we know you’re more organised than that. By now you have already started producing content for your website and other methods of marketing your idea.

To take advantage of our free Kickstarter promotion services, we will need the following from you! It’s not much, but it’s all essential. If anything is missing we’ll be chasing you up for it:

  • Your campaign or pre-campaign URL
  • Your website URL (optional but beneficial)
  • A branding package containing your logo (optional)
  • 800+ word article tailored to our audience
  • Minimum of three high resolution images
  • Kickbooster campaign details (required if available)
  • Your product social media handles

Once you have collated all of the above, please send in a neat, tidy and friendly email to

Our team will review within 48 working hours and provide any necessary feedback prior to publishing.

What is Kickbooster?

Kickbooster is an affiliate marketplace for Kickstarter & Indiegogo campaigns. By using Kickbooster you agree a percentage of your pledges to affiliate marketers who directly assist in promoting your idea.

It is not mandatory to push your campaign through Kickbooster in order to make use of our free Kickstarter promotion service. We do however appreciate being able to share an affiliate link if you are promoting via Kickbooster also.

Kickbooster - Free Kickstarter Promotion Service

Frequently asked questions

Does my campaign need to be currently active?

We are happy to publish articles relating to both future campaigns and those that are currently active.

My campaign isn’t what you would describe as cool. Can you still promote it?

Fortunately our team is made up of really cool individuals that can make almost anything cool.

How often do you promote the Kickstarter posts to your audience?

Your campaign will be shared to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website and email database at least once.

Can Shocked Sockets write the article for me?

We certainly can! Unfortunately our time is precious and if we’re not looking at memes, we do require paying.

Does the free Kickstarter promotion apply to people in my country?

We don’t even need to know where you’re from! Providing it is legal to operate a Kickstarter campaign within your country, we will promote it.

Do you have a question that we haven’t answered above? email our team using we’ll respond as quickly as possible.