Evolution of Nintendo: Celebrating 130 years of gaming

Evolution of Nintendo - 130 Years

Nintendo Game Boy – 1989

Unlike the Game and Watch, the Nintendo Game Boy allowed players to get stuck into various games on one handheld console. The Game Boy was the first Nintendo console of its kind to operate on interchangeable cartridges for each game.

Over 100 million units were sold leading to the further evolution of Nintendo as a gaming superpower. The Game Boy itself also went through evolutionary phases as we witnessed the release of the Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance. Original Game Boy machines are still available to purchase online here at Amazon.

Evolution of Nintendo SNES

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) – 1990

It’s safe to say they invested their Game Boy earnings wisely. Just one year after the handheld’s release followed the SNES. Some still swear this as the greatest invention by Nintendo despite selling just 49.1 million units compared to the NES and Game Boy which both sold millions more. The lower sales could be a direct result of competition from SEGA’s release of the Mega Drive during the same year.

The SNES encouraged further releases and evolution of Nintendo franchises like the Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Donkey Kong. In 1992 SNES birthed the very first Mario Kart game which would soon become one of the most popular racing game franchises we’ve ever seen. Unlike the NES you can get your hands on a working SNES for less than £50 on Amazon.

Nintendo Virtual Boy Console

Virtual Boy – 1995

With only 14 titles released for the Virtual Boy, this machine has grown (or not) to become one of the manufacturer’s least notable releases. Designed to give the impression three dimensions using a two dimensional screen, the Virtual Boy didn’t quite receive the reception Nintendo anticipated.

Despite that lack of hype surrounding the machine during and shortly after its release. The Virtual Boy has in recent years become a collectable item reaching values upwards of £700 on Amazon.

Nintendo 64 Controller - 1996

Nintendo 64 – 1996

Here’s where things get seriously exciting for Nintendo. Or maybe just me? I’m not sure. This console for me however is nostalgia city. From my confused grip of the stingray shaped controller in 1997 to the bi-annual dust off and completion of Ocarina of Time. The Nintendo 64 (N64) is my favourite console of all time. Speaking of time, this machine in my option is utterly timeless.

Over 20 years later I still play but not half as often. Thanks to the N64’s robust nature I’m able to whip it out at the ripe age of 30 and relive my childhood. Release’s on this console truly set the benchmark high for future game developers. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in some publications is still ranked the best game of all time to this day.

Here is a list of the most popular games featured on the cartridge caddy that changed gaming forever:

The list goes on and on and on. As you can probably tell I’ll happily write about the N64, its charms and dynamics for hours more. However I must continue along this majestic road called the evolution of Nintendo. (Compare N64 prices on Amazon)


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