14 of the most epic cat t-shirts you need in your life

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Cats are homely creatures. They like to stay put. Take your feline family member to visit your friend’s house and they’ll flip their lid. So what’s the next best thing? Wear your purr-fect pal or their distant cousin wherever you go. When it comes to cat t-shirts you’re spoilt for choice.

We’ve gone through the effort of sourcing some of the greatest kitty tees online and putting them into an epic list all under one roof!

Avengers Cat T-Shirt

Womens Kitty Avengers T-Shirt

The first in our list needs little introduction. Bringing your favourite and most famous characters from the MCU’s Avengers. This kitty t-shirt for the ladies shows your favourite superheroes as cats with a great play on words for each of their names.

Simon's Cat T-Shirt Feed Me

Simon’s Cat: Feed Me T-Shirt

Cat t-shirts based on the highly IMDB rated animated series “Simon’s Cat”. Offering a beautiful combination of stylish and humorous. These cat tees die hard fans cannot go without!

Cat DJ spinning a pizza

This one is exactly what it says on the tin. There’s not much more I can really say about this one. Just look at it!

A women cannot survive on wine alone. She also needs a cat.

A women cannot survive on wine alone

We are yet to verify this statement, however we are convinced that any women who believes it to be true is a likely customer for this garment. Available in a variety of colours and both men’s and women’s sizes.

Geometric Kitty Tees

Colourful cute cat t-shirts

Nothing funny to see here. Just an awesome, eye catching design! Kudos to the illustrator behind this work. What a cool kitty t-shirt right?

Cats in awe

Our furry feline buddies are renowned for pulling some epic faces. Capturing this on camera is just the first step, wearing it out with pride is the mark of true legends. By far one of our favourite cat t-shirts on the market! And you can get your hands on one!

floating space cats t-shirt

Floating space cats t-shirts

In light of recent events where luxury items have been launched into space, we do not recommend you do the same with your cat. I know, I know, this isn’t exactly possible or legal. But should you get the urge, just buy one of these t-shirts instead!

I work hard so my cat can have a better life

“I work hard so my cat can have a better life”

This t-shirt mounted phrase is definitely one I can relate to! My cat’s treats cupboard far outweighs my own!

Trippy space cat t-shirt

Trippy space cat t-shirts

Step into the matrix with this beautifully crafted kitty tee. Some say this t-shirt is too hipster… I say haters gonna hate.

Nope cat t-shirts

Nope cat t-shirts

Get your hands on these minimalistic cat t-shirts in a variety of shades.

Star Wars cat t-shirt

Star Wars cat t-shirt

“Use the paws, Luke!” Fortunately for cat t-shirt fanatics this garment is far superior to my cat puns! Check out this trendy beast of a t-shirt!

Psychedelic kitty t-shirt

Psychedelic cat t-shirts

Take a trip down the rabbit hole with this incredibly vibrant and detailed piece of wearable art. Guaranteed to make you stand out in the club as it also glows under a UV light! Click here to see it glow!

Cats in Tacos T-Shirt

Cats in tacos!

You didn’t ask for it, you didn’t even think of it. But you got it! This kitties in tacos t-shirt is a top three in our eyes!!

I do what I want – Funny cat t-shirts

If you have a cat this will ring a bell. They do as they please and don’t give a monkeys as to the destruction they leave behind. As the saying goes “The earth can’t be flat, if it was cats would knock everything off!”


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