Do they have what it takes to beat Conor McGregor ? 

Max Holloway | UFC 223
Max Holloway | UFC 223 | Photo - Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

2011 – 2015 saw Connor McGregor soar to the No1 spot in the octagon. Winning 14 consecutive fights, including six within the UFC before taking on the long-term featherweight champion Jose Aldo. What McGregor did next shocked the world. Thirteen seconds was all he needed to take the title and knock out Jose Aldo. Let’s look into the likely candidates we believe could beat Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo UFC 194 | ESPN
Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo UFC 194 | ESPN

Since then things have slowed down a bit for the Irishman in the UFC. He is sitting 2-2 over his last four fights going back to March 2016. Of which include submissions from Nate Diaz and the most recent Khabib Nurmagomedov last year at UFC 229.

Here we have a few fighters from featherweight to welterweight, but could they do it?


Tony Ferguson 

Tony Ferguson UFC MMA
Could Tony Ferguson beat Conor McGregor

Known for his wrestling Ferguson also has got killer submission skills which going back to McGregor’s previous fights have been noted as his weaker points. 

As a striker, Ferguson is unpredictable and very creative. With that he is also not afraid of taking a few blows which would prove a challenge for McGregor. 

Could Max Holloway beat Conor McGregor?

17th August 2013 saw McGregor take the win against Holloway in UFC fight night 26. Since they were last in the octagon Holloway has won his last 13 consecutive fights. Going for third place in the UFC history books with the longest wining streak. 

Max Holloway | UFC 223
Max Holloway | UFC 223 | Photo – Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

On the cards now for Holloway is a copycat of McGregor in taking home two UFC belts from two different weight classes.

Last weighing in at 144.75lbs, Max ‘Blessed’ Holloway is unlikely to let a second bout against McGregor go down with the same result as last time. Could Holloway beat Conor McGregor? We believe so.

Jeremy Stephens 

The UFC 205 press conference saw McGregor ask, ‘Who da fook is that guy?’ referring to Stephens. The answer saw Jeremy Stephens described as ‘An opponent that can seriously match your power’.

Stephens has been getting knockout results in the UFC for over 10 years now and has 1 more career knockout than McGregor. 

Jeremy Stephens UFC MMA
Jeremy Stephens | UFC

This past February, Stephens delivered one of the most brutal stoppages in his career. His bout with Josh Emmett offered a destroying flurry of punches and knees which saw the fight come to an end.

McGregor certainly has his soul destroying left cross, but Stephens has explosive power in both hands. If anyone would take pleasure in shutting the Irishman up it would be Stephens.

Dustin Poirier

2014 saw McGregor and Poirier meet inside the octagon for UFC 178. McGregor took the win in less than 2 minutes. McGregor at the time was on the rise within the featherweight division, while Poirer at only 25 had quite a few setbacks against some of the top fighters.

Dustin Poirier UFC & MMA
Dustin Poirier | MMA

However, Poirier is now more than twice the fighter he was since UFC 178. Although he does not have McGregor’s single hand knockout power Poirier does indeed have combinations that would end the fight if they were to reunite in the octagon. 

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