Disneyland California opens Avengers Campus this Summer

avengers headquarters at disneyland

The lands of Disney always seem to be growing. The most recent addition being Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge introduced in 2019. The Marvel equivalent is opening on July 18th. Shall we all petition for a Simpson’s land? 

I am Spider-Man?

If Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is anything to go by, my Vision of how the Avengers Campus will look gets me excited. As Galaxy Edge has Kylo Ren walking about, will we see Thanos be walking about snapping his fingers? What about Captain America, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man hanging around? “Wakanda forever!”  

avengers campus world at disney land

Avengers Campus: Phase 1

In true Marvel fashion, they’re going to release their rides and other experiences in phases. The most anticipated attraction is the Web Slinger ride. This comes in the form of a 3D experience ride! Featuring the Web Slinger himself, Spider-Man. This attraction will be the first of many to open this summer. 

Avengers Campus: Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Avengers Campus will see the Avengers Headquarters open to the public. Giving fans the chance to interact with their favourite characters at their epic base.  

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???????? ???????? on July 18th ? – Did you hear the news?! Avengers Campus will be opening to the public on July 18th. We’ve been waiting a while for details about this, so it’s so exciting that we finally get a day to mark in the calendar! If you’re not sure what to expect with Avenger’s Campus (or what will be open), here’s what we know so far: – ?Avengers HQ: our favorite Avengers will be on hand for meet and greets, including Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Spiderman (of course) and more. Fun fact: Spiderman is getting his own Parks-exclusive suit ? – ?Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB): the new Spiderman ride will be open on July 18th, where riders where 3D glasses and shoot webs at Spiderbots that are wreaking havoc in the WEB facility. Looks like Midway Mania with Spiderman, basically. – ✨The Sanctum: not entirely sure what this will be, probably an open air walkthrough area where Doctor Strange will be hanging out. No huge details here yet. – ?Pym Test Kitchen: one of the quick service restaurants that’s hyping up both miniature and gigantic sized-food and drinks. And there WILL be alcoholic beverages available! As long as they don’t charge $15 for a slider then I’ll be happy ? – ?Other Food Options: Terran Treats near Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout with alien-themed treats, and a Shawarma Palace cart to pay homage to the Avengers’ favorite fast food joint. – What are you most excited for with the Avengers Campus? I’m curious to hear what you think! ⬇️ #dwdtnt

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Ant-Man inspired refreshments

Even superheroes need their fuel. The Avengers Campus will include an Ant-man and Wasp inspired restaurant. An eatery of epic proportions seeing inspiration from loved and hilarious heroes Ant-man and Wasp. We aren’t sure how they’re going to pull this off! But if they don’t serve Shawarma, we’re just gonna have to riot. 

Iron Man’s W.E.B 

Would it be Marvel without an origin story? The Campus will be packed with MCU references and a few hints linking back to the comics. The reason behind new Disneyland feature to train the next group of Young Avengers. Do you have whatever it takes? I don’t, so I’m just going to eat shawarma! 

Iron Man’s engineering company under the name W.E.B is to be introduced. A not too far-fetched theory is that it may be given to Peter Parker in the future.

avengers campus

A Universal experience.

The opening of these different lands would be any kid’s (or adult’s) dream. Heck, I’m still waiting on that Pokemon land! The opening of Star Wars land was only the beginning and the new Marvel campus taking things to the next level! Full of amazing things to do for any Avengers fan. As Marvel goes through the different phases, hopefully so will the Avengers Campus.


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