Sunday Meme-a-thon (10 of the week’s greatest)

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Every Sunday we piece together our favourite memes from the previous week and put them all in one place for you to view, steal or do strange things with.

Shaved cat except for face meme

1. Someone shaved this whole cat except for the face

An absolute golden oldie. With cats looking rather moody most of the time regardless it’s great to see one looking grumps for a good reason! Hopefully by now the little puss has his fur back.

Dress for the job you want Melania Trump widow funeral

2. Dress for the job you want #widow

Well played Carla!

There's a dog behind you Inception meme

3. There’s a dog behind you Inception style

Whoever comes up with these we need to hear from you!

Meditation out the window boobs meme

4. Years of meditation and enlightenment… And then you see the boobies and everything is falling apart.

You can have the focus of John Wick but all it takes is a low cut top to bring you back down to earth. This monk found out the hard way, maybe that’s what his hand is covering up?

When life gives you lemons cat memes

5. When life gives you lemons, learn to make and Iron Man helmet for your cat.

Last time I checked there were more avengers! I need to see a Cap America helmet, Thor Helmet and more for the kitties!

Cat Found Badger Poster

6. Cat found

Let’s all hope that Paul has now found his kitty!

Double tap on your screen memes

7. Double tap on your screen.

No comment with this one!

Parrot loves water melon memes

8. I just wish someone loved me as much as this cat loves strawberries.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel loved this much?

Sandy pet care sleeps with dogs

9. Sandy’s loving pet care. *I sleep with dogs.

I think it’s about time somebody investigated Sandy’s loving pet care.

When you ask your girlfriend what's wrong memes cat

10. When you ask her what’s wrong and she says “NOTHING” but then she spends the rest of the day looking at you like this…

Every boyfriend knows this feeling. #prayforlads


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